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RJ's profile - new and improved!

My thoughts were short
My hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man...

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Andi emailed me saying she left some underwear in my truck. Thought it was her way of saying she wanted to hook up again so I met up with her to give it back to her, and she just took it and that was it. Didn't even want to hook up. The hell? Girls here suck.

Oct. 31st, 2009

So fucking ready to be done with this year. Except for basketball season, that'll be awesome. Everything else sucks. Getting sick of the girls around here, they all seem pissed at me for who the hell knows what.

I'm applying to a bunch of schools down in Virginia and North Carolina, near where mom and Jenny will be. Sent off some dvds of me playing ball so I can get on a team, that's the only reason I want to do college anyway. There's some decent ones down there. Hopefully one of them takes me, and it's one that doesn't suck.
Me and Andi had sex yesterday and it was awesome.

Maybe even better than how it was with me and Dorianne.

The part that sucks though is that even if I told Dorianne about me and Andi, she probably wouldn't even believe me. And no one would really give a shit since there's all that stuff going on right now with that psychic chick that's slept with Randazzo and a bunch of the JV guys.

Maybe I should track down the psychic chick.
Still can't fucking believe Dorianne dumped me. And for that gay faggot SDS douchebag? What the hell's he got that I don't?

And now she's off with the douchebag and all I'm doing is working and sitting at home playing Wii shit with Jenny.

Gotta get out and do something. Bet I could find some SDS chick to hook up with.

Dammit, what was that hot jogger girl's name?
I don't know what Dorianne's deal is lately. I'll call her to go grab a burger with me or something and she doesn't even answer the phone. Went by her house one time, she wasn't there. No idea where she is all the time. I mean, we still get to hang out and hook up and whatever else. Just wish I knew what was up with her.
Father's day kind of sucks when your dad's a douchebag.

I would've been fine not doing anything, but now me and Jenny are at his apartment and mom made me take Jenny out shopping last night so we could get him a present. Didn't want to get him a damn thing.

This sucks.


Prom was awesome. Dori looked hot as hell. She was getting pissed at me some but she got over it. I let her pick where we went to dinner before it and I gave her a good night so she doesn't have a whole lot to get pissed about.

Speaking of pissed, I think people are pissed at me for dating her, but I don't realy give a shit. Keeps me out of all their drama, at least, and now most of them are more pissed at Corinne for that prom court stuff anyway. I still don't know what was up with all that.

Not gonna tell anyone this though, but I wish I'd been on prom court. Sucked not being on there.
Everyone's all pissed at me for dating Dori again. Don't know what their deal is. Like I said to Marty, it's not like we're being all Bruno and Mary Anne about it. We're just going out.

Corinne had some party and didn't want me and Dori going to it. Big deal. Me and Dori went to see Fast & Furious that night, then went out to the beach in the Blazer. Kickass night. Like I need all their parties all the time.

Dori's got that play thing coming up soon, then prom. Gotta remember to do shit for her for those so she doesn't get too pissed. Flowers or something.

Mar. 30th, 2009

Kinda sucks being back at school now, the trip was awesome. Disney World has the best food, a bunch of the food stands at the parks had these turkey legs, I got like two a day.

Me and Dori got back together. I learned my lesson last time, I'm not going to screw it up this time. I'll try to take her on good dates, and I'm even gonna get her real flowers when she's in that play. I'm not going to go be Bruno about it, but I'll at least try not to piss her off too much.